Monday, August 24, 2009

Schandra Handbags

They have arrived!! A new shipment of Schandra Handbags, we are so excited. Also coming up in September We are starting a BIG GIVEAWAY it will happen every 2 months (which equals 5 times a year!) The Prize will be: a Schandra handbag (retails for minimum $130.00), and .... Yeah , thats right there is more... We are Filling up the handbag with GREAT GOODIES like for the first BIG GIVEAWAY we are filling up the handbag with ARMSTRONG McCALL products. Not familiar with Armstrong McCall? They are a company that supply Beauty Operators with their hair products, you have to have a license to purchase from them! and this is all FREE for the winner!

The Rules will vary with every giveaway!

Thanks for reading and get ready to WIN, WIN ,WIN with MCS!!

The MCS Team


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