Thursday, September 24, 2009

Get FIT for Fall..

"Use September and October to really focus on you health and be in great shape before the busy holiday season," advises Kathie Davis, executive director of IDEA Health & Fitness Assosiation. If you have young, school-age kids, walk them to and from school, she suggests, adn during athletic practices, go for a run instead of sitting in the bleachers.

Kathie Davis

With or With-out children at home, says Davis, "Fall is a good time to commit or recommit to an exercise program."Vacation season is over and we tend to settle into new routines. She recommends:

✗ Find something you like to do, whether it's dance,Pilates,yoga,martial arts classes, or going for a walk once or twice a week with a friend or as a family.

✗ Explore different types of fitness activities at local community center and health clubs.

✗ Check-out indoor boot camps or outdoor ones if the weather is good.

✗ If home exercise is your preference, try different videos by renting, going online, using cable fitness or on-demand channels,
or consider getting (and using on a regular basis) some exercise equipment.

✗ Try working with a Personal Trainer, alone or with one or two other people. (they usually give trial offers like one month free.. call your local fitness place and ask them)

To view online video work-outs and search for trainers visit IDEA Fitness Connect

¿ Beetroot Juice lowers blood pressure

Drinking beetroot juice lowers blood pressure with in an hour or so, by boosting our internal production of nitric oxcide, which relaxes blood vessels. One Cup per day does the trick,according to research in the American HEart Association journal Hypertension. Beetroot powders have not been tested, but could work in the same way.

¿ Fish Oil protects agains Breast Cancer

A study that tracked more than 35,000 post-menopausal women for six years found that those who took fish oil supplements had 32-percent less risk of ductal breat cancer, the most common type of the disease. The findings were published in the Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a journal of the Amnerican Assoication for Cancer Research.

all photo's are courtesy of; most not all information was provided by better Nutrition.


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